Some of our work

Montgomery Bell Academy

Plans included blasting an 87,000 sq ft open pit to a depth of 35 ft to make way for a parking garage located adjacent to the existing football stadium.

Westhaven Subdivision

Utility and Mass grading blast operation for a premier community located in Franklin, TN

5th + Broadway

Control Blasting operation performed on the 6 acre site in the heart of Downtown Nashville making way for a new parking structure to be situated under the massive residential, Class A office, and retail towers.

Peabody Plaza at Rolling Mill Hill

Highly populated construction area in which plans required blasting for a 9 story mixed use development including a four story underground parking garage near the banks of the Cumberland River.

25th Avenue 100” Sewer Line

Plans included the line drilling and blasting of a 15 ft wide trench blasted to a depth of 17 ft in the middle of 25th Ave in Nashville, TN. In close proximity were existing utility lines including gas, electric, and water that were to be left undisturbed.

NHC Building Cool Springs

Project called for blasting away of a 35 ft rock cut on a hillside directly overlooking the existing NHC complex. The hillside was removed to make way for a new addition to the facility in Franklin, TN.

KUB Mini Basin Sewer

Plans called for the blasting of three miles of deep trench within close proximity to homes. The proposed trench also ran alongside a flowing stream. Several measures had to be taken by the blast team to ensure adequate breakage of the rock while maintaining a clean borehole.